Assisting Buyers and Sellers

Our key service is to help private buyers and sellers of vehicles, who might be reluctant to undertake such activities on their own. Carminders can take the pain out of the process for you!

In relation to a sale, this is our standard procedure:

  1. Confirm model details and check current private sale value

  2. Prepare text of an advertisement for client approval

  3. Take (or direct client to take) interior and exterior photos for uploading to an appropriate selling website

  4. Load text and photos onto that website and pay listing fees on client's behalf

  5. Answer enquiries from interested parties

  6. Coordinate inspections at times to suit client

  7. Advise and assist client as required with price negotiations

  8. Attend (where practical) when sale is finalised

  9. Notify registration transfer details to RMS

  10. Advise client on other relevant post-sale steps to follow.


In relation to a purchase, this is our typical procedure:

  1. Check popular selling website to find several cars to match client's budget and other requirements

  2. Send client links to advertisements for comment

  3. Arrange inspection of a preferred car

  4. Inspect car and provide client with a written inspection report, based on our observations

  5. Arrange a mechanical inspection ( if a client requires it)

  6. Conduct price negotiations

  7. Carry out a “PPSR” online search for outstanding financial interests on car before completion of purchase

  8. Attend (where necessary) to complete the purchase and supervise signature of transfer documents.

How do we charge for our services?

We have a basic charge for assisting with a sale or purchase, which may vary according to the number of vehicles inspected and reported on, in case of a purchase.

In case of a sale, our fee may vary according to the number of inspections and extent of negotiations with prospective buyers.

Our charges are also determind by the price at which a vehicle is purchased or sold, so that the overall transaction is reasonable and cost effective for our clients.

We will be happy to explain them in more detail with you!